Gunpla Construction: PG Gundam Astray Part 4

So, in the home stretch.  

The shoulders were a quick build, and overall, very huge.  It’s interesting to see the detail that’s done for the inner vents as well as the rear of the shoulders.  It’s funny because for the most part it’s detail you’ll never see once you put the outer armor on and attach the arm.

Shoulders astray74

More shouldersastray75

Moving on to the arm, it’s a straight build here too.  It’s very impressive to see the amount of articulation that they’ve done with the arm.  If there is any complaints, is that when you curl the arm up, the fore-arm has the tendency to pop off, so you have to be a little careful.  Also, note the comparison pictures of with and without outer armor, and again, how the outer armor really bulks up the arm, but doesn’t affect the articulation at all.

Built shoulder joing/upper arm and said piecesastray76

Built forearm, and a completed armastray77

Comparison shot 1astray78

Comparison shot 2astray79

Comparison shot 3astray80

Hand, already made for  you, just twist togetherastray85

Just to give you an idea of how it’ll look attached to the frame.  Looks a bit unbalanced with only one arm armored.



And with that, the construction is done.  As mentioned in the first WiP post, I tried a new method of decaling and topcoating pieces as I completed them.  Not sure at this point if that took more time than doing decaling/topcoating after all the parts are built, but it there is a nicer sense of satisfaction, especially knowing that I balanced my decaling time out this way.  

Next post will be the pictures/review post. 


3 thoughts on “Gunpla Construction: PG Gundam Astray Part 4

  1. @lupes: Dengenki Hobby’s May issue, they have extra seals for the PG Astray, including variants that can be used should people decide to make frames.

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