Gunpla Construction: PG Gundam Astray Part 3

Moving on with the slow as molasses updates:

First up the backpack, fairly simple snap together.  As mentioned in a previous comment, the backpack fills like an afterthought to me.  I realize it’s part of the design, but after to you have the beefy legs, and the general “bulk” of the whole frame, the backpack just looks like a flimsy little attachment on the back.

Backpack partsastray57

Backpack completedastray60

The head was also an easy snap together.   The battery pack is also much more accessible than it is in the PG W-Zero. 

Head Parts
Partially built
We have light!

Moving on to the weapons.  I did build the beam rifle, but as Lupes mentioned in his picture review, there is no point in really showing it.  I build the shield as well, but now that I think about it, I’m probably not going to use it either.  The main attractation for the Red Frame is it’s big ass sword.  Unfortunately, this is where you see some lack of foresight on Bandai’s part.  With the gold and silver parts, I really wish they have done under gates (As per Hyaku-Shiki).  There are some pretty obviously points that you snip, which leaves damage, no matter how you do it.  While I put a dab of Gundam Gold on the parts, it’s still a little frustrating.  Another point to be careful is that you can’t do panel marking on the gold parts, as it’ll take the gold off.  Also, top coating the gold is probably not a good idea.   Still the assembled sword is just huge, you can hold the hilt in your hand and it’s almost like you have a dull knife. 

Sword completedastray71
Shield partsastray72
Shield completedastray73

Up next post, the shoulders and arms, followed by completion and thoughts

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