Gunpla Construction: PG Gundam Astray Part 2

Ahem, well, I guess I must be one of the slowest updaters around,  between work and hanami’s and Killzone 2/Ryu ga gotoku 3 I’ve been slacking off on the Gunpla, sorry about that. 

Anyways, back to the in-depth look at building the Strike 1.5 Astray.  We left off with one leg being built, but since then I’ve completed both legs, along with decals/seals and the final top coat.  You’ve probably seen a couple of photos in the quick updates I’ve done recently.

Next up the waist.  Again, no where as near a pain in the ass as the PG W-zero.  The biggest probably is that the nice long codpiece armor thing is pretty long, so with the fattened thighs of the astray as well, it gives the model less articulation compared to the Strike.

The pieces for the waistastray35

 And we’re done, that was easyastray36

 Testing with the legsastray37

 With armor, side viewastray38

 Rear viewastray39

 Top viewastray40

With that done, next up is the torso, also another easy piece compared to the W-Zero.  This was another quick build.  You see a few differences however on the outer armor compared to the strike, but the internal is the same.  Including the slot to shove in the Striker Pack. 


With front armor onastray42

  One of torso/shoulder joint piecesastray43

  Torso’s internal frame completeastray44

  With Armor attachedastray45

With the lower torso/waist part attachedastray46

Side Viewastray47

 Back Viewastray48


On the subject of the striker pack, I gave it a try, unfortunately, due to the slight armor differences, it won’t fully slide all the way into the slight, and you actually have to take some pieces off of the torso to even slide it halfway in.

 With Striker Pack, top viewastray49

Side Viewastray50

Another angleastray52

Next post will move on to the head and the laughable back pack.

4 thoughts on “Gunpla Construction: PG Gundam Astray Part 2

  1. Do you have to put the strikr pack to everything thats seed gundam? I think its lame enough that for every seed gundam you can mount some pack on the back. Quite lame, but thats my opinion since I hate everything seed and the word gundam just get toss around everywhere.

  2. @woepriest: Mmm, well, considering it’s passed off the same frame, it was worth a try. I’m not a big fan of the switching the pack idea from Seed, but it’s part of the design of the Strike. At the risk of sounding like a rant, I myself am not a big fan of SeeD, but it was the first Gundam I watched in Japan (previously I had only seen Gundam Wing in the states) and basically what got me into watching everything else. When I look back on it now though, it’s a (self-admittedly) remake of First Gundam, with a dash of Zeta, and a whole lot of Wing mixed in. And I hate Shinn Asuka with a passion and wish he would have died in the end. Anyways, I digress.

    @Lupes: No screws was indeed great. Saw your finished model, liked the idea of mixing the clear parts in too, very nice!

    AstrayP03: To me the backpack is almost an afterthought, and I understand it’s part of the design, but proportionally, the tiny thin backpack just doesn’t fit the Astray I think. Of course this comes from building Zaku’s and other Gundams that have a bit of a beefier backpack.

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