Quick update

Made it through the crunch of last week, and things should finally start slowing down now that we’re pretty much done with the end of the year fiscal closing and such.  Unfortunately that means I’ve not been able to work as much on the Astray for the last week.  It doesn’t help that I was playing Killzone 2 all week. 

Anyways, I have been keeping up with the pictures and will do some picture intensive posts of the sections this week, once I get the current pics uploaded. 

Current progress is as follows:

Built, seals/decals applied, topcoated – Legs, waist, torso
Built – Backpack, head

Overall, doing the buidling, seal application, topcoating of each piece as I build it could be taking more time then waiting to do seals until the end, but doing it piece by piece is probably breaking up the monotony and boredom of doing it in the end.  Also, a plus is if you do it as you go, you don’t have to worry about taking the kit apart after the fact to get at some of the hard to reach locations.  There are a few with the dry decals as well.

About 70% done now though with only the arms and weapons left.  Astray is defintely one of the easier PG builds, like the Strike model, and is almost a complete 180 degree flip compared to the W-Zero on complexity (no wiring, only 3 die cast parts, and only 1 screw!).  One thing I’ve noticed is that due to the fatness of the legs, particular the thighs, you”ll see a loss in mobility compared to the strike.  Poor Astray has a chafing problem you could say.

Anyways, a couple of photos from the cell phone until I can update with proper posts.

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