PG Astray

While some sites are reporting PG Astray available today, most stores have refrained from putting it out, as while today is the shipping date, the actual release date is Friday.  Browsing 2chan has shown that a majority of the major stores are not breaking the release date.  Hopefully mine will ship tomorrow then and show up on Friday, if I’m lucky.

In the meantime, I picked up the May issue of Dengeki Hobby as it comes with special seals/decals for the PG Astray.  Now that I think about it, Dengeki has done this in the past, maybe I need to check back issues to see if there are seals/decals for the PG W-zero that were released through Dengeki.  For those planning on building the PG Astray, this may be an issue you want to pick up if you can.


4 thoughts on “PG Astray

  1. Got my PG Red Frame today. Bic Camera in Nagoya actually had a small overstock of the apecial parts version (because some people cancelled their reservation) so you could actually get the whole deal without a reservation from around lunch time. Whatever. It’s only a couple of days. Got that mag too. Way better than Hobby Japan.

  2. @Busterbeam: Nice, over here in the Tokyo region there weren’t many stores that were breaking release date. Oh well, that’s what I get for ordering online! You are right about Dengeki though, much higher quality on the bonus swag than Hobby Japan.

    @lupes: Looks like we’ll be getting it around the same time then!

  3. @rob: yup! it’s kind of a good thing since I’m working through PG Zero right now (assembling the waist-frame as I type this- going to have to wait until I get some batteries to assemble the torso), oughta have it done by sunday though.

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