The State of the Gunpla Union – 032309

Been a while since I’ve written up a state of the gunplay union, but I thought I’d catch up with a variety of items.


First off, on the Gundam side, I finished up the W-zero last week, and overall it was a stress free build.  Clocking in around a little over 15 hours of total build time, the most frustrating part had the be the torso and waist.  Still throwing on the wings and standing the sucker up makes you just go wow at the size.  Only complaints is that aside from the wings, there’s really nothing else to show for it, and the lack of seals/decals make it’s a little plain compared to maybe something like the Strike.   The other thing, and I have this complaint with the other PG models, is that, outside of the Aile Striker kit, there is no stand.  While all the PG’s have no problem standing and posing, the W-Zero kit is just screaming for a stand.  Especially if you want to do any of the famous W-zero poses.  Anyways, thanks to the new addition, my rack is officially running out of space, so it may be time for spring cleaning, to find a place to pose them. 


Having finished up the W-Zero, I whizzed through the MG Zeong on a whim this weekend, and it took no longer than two hours to build.  Just got the hands left to go.  A simple kit, but outside the build and decals, I’ll probably not bother with top coat, or doing any WIPs with it.  Just a few pictures and that’s it.


I guess the big news is that we’ve got some big drops this week.   The obvious being the new PG Astray, which hopefully will ship tomorrow, which is what the rumors are saying.  Ready to dig into that sucker.  As I’ve stated, big robots/mecha with giant swords are always a winner with me.  The other is the GFFMC Zeta Plus, which drops this weekend.  I’m still debating on getting the Blue one, and would have to pre-order it today or tomorrow to still have a chance, while I can pre-order at 25% off, I’m just not sure yet,  I love Zeta Gundam and all related designs/variants, it’s just that building the kit is part of the experience for me.  We’ll see if I have any moments of weakness in the next couple of days.


On a side note, I was waiting for the wife to show up yesterday at the local store/supermarket to buy dinner, and when checking out the rather small model section, I noted they had 4 MG Turn A Gundam kits (first run with bonus comic as well) at a little over half off price (1900 yen as opposed to 4,000).  I might just pop down and pick it up, as I am fond of Turn A Gundam.   I found the anime to be much more positive and bright then some of the other series that I had watched.  This is probably because I watched it right after the “let’s kill everyone!” depressing anime that is V Gundam (seriously, watch the last couple of eps, they totally kill off like everyone over the age of 15).


Speaking of anime, I’ve managed to catch 00 the last 3 weeks in realtime, definitely hitting that end of the series climax, and there have definitely been some oh shit parts. (Particular Tierra getting killed (initially), Trans-am Burst, Ali-Al Saachez finally getting pwned and so on).  Of course, we’re seeing all the elements of the previous Gundam series here: A-laws are Titans, and we have another Gryps conflict here, Inovators are the new newtype/coordinator, and Louise is the new four/la-la, and so on.  But it’s a fun ride. 


In other news, I’m still addicted to Ryu ga Gotoku 3, and on top of that my copy of Killzone 2 also showed up as well.  I’m still chugging through Gundam Musou 2 on the ole Xbox, and still want to get back and eventually finish Ace Combat 6.  I’ve got Lupes on my Xbox friend list (we need to game it up in something sometime!) and for anyone else, my XBL name is OsorakuCloudv, and my PSN name is Cloudv. 


Other than that, work is busier than ever as we approach the end of the fiscal year in Japan, and start looking forward to the “new year” as well.  Looking at some weekend work coming up due to projects but just got to chug at it.  The bright side is we’re seeing Sakura start to blossom, and should be a full bloom by the weekend.  Definitely looking forward to it.

5 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 032309

  1. No decals! I thought something was off with that kit but never realized that was it! also I’m with you on the blue GFFMC Zeta Plus. I love that one too. While I’m not a big FIX fan i have to admit im more than curious about the MC versions. Maybe that will be my first one?

    Just watched the latest ep of 00 myself (about 5 minutes ago to be honest) and was very impressed with it. I also noticed the similarities that you mentioned.

    I sent you a request on XBL. I’m Bustermachine01. I’m still trying to get achievments for Musou 1 and highly recommend you finishing up AC6. It’s not as good as AC5 imo but its a good game in its own right. It’s the reason i got a 360 actually.

  2. I agree with busterbeam, AC5 is probably my favorite AC out of all of them but 6 is good too! The co-op missions are fairly fun (and free!), so we can definitely play some of that some time. I live on the east coast so finding a time when we’re both on is the only tricky part.

  3. @Busterbeam, thanks for the add on XBL. I actually picked up a 360 for pretty much the same reason. I’ve gamed mainly on the ps2/3 but have always wanted to play Gears, as well as AC6 since it doesn’t look like it was coming to the ps3. AC5 is my fave as well though, just talking about it makes me want to break it out, haha.

    @Lupes, sounds like a plan, definitely up for it. Going to have to break myself away from Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 and Killzone 2 though, haha.

  4. You mean you dont have a Wii or DS yet? I mean DraQue 9 is just around the corner and the whole country goes crazy for it, but then so do I XD.

  5. Yeah, I’ve got all the systems, but I’ve always been a FF man since the first one came out on the NES. Thusly, DraQue is bleh to me, but on the other hand, I can’t wait for next month and FF7AC Complete to get my hands on the FF13 demo.

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