Gunpla Construction: PG W-Zero Gundam Part 5

Here’s the work I did over the weekend. 

Moving onto the torso, we first start with the cockpit/power source/glowing chest thing.  This is where we see our first part of fun with wires.

Starting from herewing32

 We stick the wires in a hole, followed by screws to hold them in place, and to connect the current to the diode

The first problem we run into is that the bottom screw (grey wire) simply doesn’t want to stay in, and falls out, even with having the wired in to tighten it up.

Testing the connection and we have light

We then proceed to put said light into the final die cast pieces and attach to the waist.  Unfortunately, we go back to the issue of balancing the tightness of the screws.  The bottom two as well were rather hard to get in, due to having to hold the die cast pieces together, while attaching it to the waist ball, while trying to stick in a screw on one end, and a nut on the other, and tighten in.

Finally attached to the waist


Testing the light again with the inner frame attached.

 Unfortunately, the batteries either shorted, because it no longer lights up.  I tested them with the head, and no go.  Will have to pick up some more batteries, because I don’t really want to take this apart just to check the wiring again.

With the inner frame for the arms added.

We then jump to the head, because of how the wiring will run through the torso.

There weren’t any particular problems with wiring for the head.wing42

We then run the wires from the chest and head through the back of the outer armor of the torso.

Wires galore

I’ll continue with the torso again in the next update. 

A couple of bonus pictures, I stuck the legs and arms on just to see how it looked. 


Kneeling side shot

Kneeling front shot

Saturday/Sunday’s total work time: 4 hours

Overall total work time: 12 hours, 15 minutes

3 thoughts on “Gunpla Construction: PG W-Zero Gundam Part 5

  1. Where do all of these wires eventually end up hiding, in the backpack the wings are attached to?

    Too bad about the lights though, hopefully it’s just the batteries. What kind of watch battery do you need for them? At least the wiring itself doesn’t look all that difficult to handle…

  2. Yeah, the wires end up hiding in the backpack, which is next to build. I’ve got to pick up some more batteries though before I move on with the backpack and wings. The W-Zere uses LR43 size batteries (2 of them)

    Overall, the wiring hasn’t been too hard, as there isn’t as many metal filaments and such like Zeta, just getting the wires to stay in place is the biggest frustration.

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