Incredibly busy week as we approach the end of February, and the end of the year as well.  As some may know, Japan considers April to be the starting point of a lot of things.  From school, work, and finances, April is very important to Japanese.  Which in turn makes March very important as it’s the end of the school, work, and fiscal year.  With that said, you’ll be seeing perhaps even more bad news economy wise, as many Japanese companies are holding back on reporting financial reports and forecasts for April, which trying to add up all the money made over the last year.  Anyways, this is keeping me busy at work, which is of course contributing to my backlog.


Which, is todays topic by the way.  Lately in the community there has been some talk of backlogs, and how they come about, and how they burn people out.  I kind of stopped to think about it, especially with my huge backlog, and how that came about. 


While I had built the Strike Freedom Gundam a few years back when I first watched Gundam Seed and Destiny, I first started seriously getting into Gunpla with the release of Unicorn Gundam.  I worked on that over a few months last spring, and after finishing, thought about working on something else.  I’d always been a fan of Zeta Gundam, and picked up a Gundam Mk-II, and from there, made the leap to the Perfect Grade model of Zeta Gundam.  I hadn’t really planned to do anything more from there, because, truthfully, even at 30% off, Gunpla is expensive (especially MG and PG kits).  But, fate would have it, that while I labored through the PG Zeta (Zeta is probably not the best choice for your first PG kit!)  I browsed around and found out that there was a White Unicorn version of Zeta Gundam.  Unfortunately, this was quite literally a limited edition release, and had long been unavailable in regular stores.  What’s a guy to do, but check out the auctions. 


For those who live in Japan, and have a good grasp on Japanese, Yahoo Auctions can be a veritable goldmine.  Imagine it as eBay, 10 years ago, when everyone wasn’t a dick, and you didn’t have price gauging.  I jumped on there, and discovered a few auctions with the White Unicorn Zeta Gundam, and eventually picked it up.  Then, I started looking around, and what do you know, there are quite a few people selling things at hefty discounts.   At this point I had finished watching Gundam 0083 (which I really liked, by the way) and fate would have it, someone was selling the PG kit of the GP01, for a flat 100 dollars, and would even knock down shipping for me.  This is where sometimes the Japanese side of “auctions” are just amazing.  Not only was the guy nice enough to drop the shipping to half (12 to 6 dollars), he even recommended me a surplus seller to buy direct from.


So, in the space of a  week I picked up two kits, got in touch with the surplus seller, who would sell at 50% to 70% off, and well, that’s history per se.  I think most people have kits they would “like” to build, but the cost is prohibitive.   For me, a majority of the kits are so, I would have loved to build the Musha Gundam, or some of the PG kits, but no way was I going to pay 12,000 yen for Strike PG, and all.  But when you get an opportunity to purchase said strike for 6,000 yen, well you don’t pass it up.   Through my new source, I then pretty much picked up a load of kits to build as I go, and next then you know, I’m at around 20 kits. 


In a way, being able to purchase at wholesale cost really keeps things guilt free.  In fact, I wish knew about this seller before I bought the PG Zeta on my own, as it would have saved me nearly 50 bucks!  Thankfully, it’s cheap, so the wife is happy (I buy her a case of beer with the savings, ha)


So in a way, that’s how my list has grown, which consists of 1) I really want to build this! Kits and 2) I’d build it if it was this cheap kits.   Future purchases already include the PG Astray, and hoping to get the Shin Matsunaga Zaku II, as I want to try my hand at using metal parts with it. 


But, pictures speak much more than words, so here’s some pictures of our spare room, to give you an idea of what I’ve got.


My display rack, with PGs and more abound 



 Everything else shoved in a cornerbacklog02


Shin Musha, waiting for seals and decals



Need to finish up the Hi-ν as well…



Of course, the big problem with backlogs is just that.  It’s a backlog, which means you’ve got to work through it.  Depending on the person, it could be stressful, or maybe they’ll just never get around to it, or maybe one kit could make you just not want to build any more.  For me, I like building kits, maybe it’s the monotony, or creating stuff, I’ve loved this kind of stuff since I was a kid (I was the kid who had tons of legos) so I get into it.  However, I can’t stand doing seals and decals, it’s just tedious to me.  Which unfortunately, if you notice, Hajime Katoki looooooooooves seals and decals, which is why I’ve haven’t gotten too far with my Unicorn, and haven’t even started on my Shin Musha yet.  For others, it could be painting.  While I slogged through doing the gold parts of Shin Musha with Gundam Markers,  Reading other blogs about painting Sinanju’s gold parts has pretty much put Sinanju low on my backlog list…


Going off on a tagent, painting, and especially painting small tiny things, is why I really don’t touch the SD kits, while I have a couple, it’s really annoying that a majority of them require painting to really look good.  Then again, SD kits are generally 300-400 yen, so I guess that’s why you can’t expect the same amount of detail. 


Anyways, in the long run, my huge backlog is actually a rather recent thing, with all of these being collected in the last 6 months.  At this rate, I’ve got well over a year’s worth of building to keep me occupied though!


How about everyone else?  Is there any certain series or style that you collect or have piling up?

9 thoughts on “Backlog

  1. Its so nice that you could pick up bargins on yahoo auctions. I mostly order online through rainbow 10 or have relatives buy gunpla for cheaper price over at asia and bring it to CA. My nearby hobby shop charges 35% extra off the retail price so its very expensive… I also got a mg hi-nu just stuffed in the end of my closet which Im saving that for a conversion. Dont you think the design from bandai looks horrible for the hi-nu?

  2. I’ve heard that the proportions are different for the hi-nu, but I personally like it. I bought it based on the fact it’s bad ass looking actually. I didn’t get the regular Nu-Gundam until much later, and truthfully, I never liked the fact that the fin funnels are on one side of the Nu-Gundam. Always gave me the feeling the Nu-Gundam was going to tip over or that it’s off balance. I rather like that the Hi-nu is more balanced.

  3. Ah, I can definitely see how having a bunch of discounted gunpla being readily available to you can cause things to pile up quickly- I can’t say I would be able to resist either.

    That PG Zeta gundam looks huge, sitting on the edge of that shelf. I’ve heard it’s quite a kit, so congrats on that being your first PG model!

  4. ah, I forgot to ask you, how much did your White Unicorn Zeta cost you? I’ve seen them in a few places for around 60 bucks but if they’re out there for cheaper I’ll pass on it.

  5. @lupes

    Zeta’s a great kit, but it might be easier to start off with something like a Zaku II or the Strike before jumping to Zeta. The hardest thing was running the wires from the wings into the body, up to the head, and hopping all the connections and metal filaments would work so you could like the sucker up. Of course, it kind of got to be eh, so I didn’t even bother putting in a battery! I did for my Zaku II and I have to admit it does look cool.

    As for the White Unicorn Zeta Gundam, I managed to get it for about 35 bucks. Yahoo auctions general has about 1 – 3 kits up for auctions at a time, but the price varies, I’ve seen it go for 25 to 60 dollars.

  6. I found WU Zeta, though I had to pay around 50$ for it. Not a bad price considering I dropped so much money on the Unicorn and Sinanju without hesitation. I expect it to arrive here mid-next week.

    The PG Zeta is definitely not something I want to even attempt right now, due to lack of experience with the PG kits. Beyond the Red Frame, I’m not sure if there are any other suits that have been made in to a PG kit that interest me enough to want to spend so much money on them. Maybe the Wing Zero Custom, but I’ve heard that it’s kind of backheavy and has some balance issues. I can see you have it up there, though I can’t tell if it’s built or not. Any thoughts on it?

  7. @lupes

    I’ve not built the PG Wing Zero yet, picked it up for 60 bucks (couldn’t pass up such a deal!) Zeta is also fairly back heavy due to the wings, which is why I just left it in waverider mode.

    Balance wise, Strike is the best of the 3 PG’s I’ve built so far.


    Thanks, there really aren’t many figma or revoltech that catch my eye, but I was a fan of both Suzumiya Haruhi and Code Geass, so I picked those up.

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