The State of the Gunpla Union – 022309

So here we are again, another week. Actually a fairly busy weekend for me, from hitting Akiba on Friday night (and PG Astray!) to driving to and from Hamamatsu over the weekend.

Over the weekend I drove to Hamamatsu (about 270 KM away from where I live in Yokohama) with wife and friends for a college club reunion. While I drove when I lived in Tohoku, it was the first time to actually drive west. It was pretty cool getting behind the wheel again, and using something other than the bullet train allowed me to see some new scenery.

Mount Fuji from the Toumei Highwayhama01

The reunion getaway was held at Lake Hamanako, where we pretty much crashed for Saturday, while everyone caught up with everyone else.  I have to say, I was hesitant to go simply because of the fact that of 9 people, I was the only guy.  (^^;)  But I guess you could also call me lucky…

Lake Hamanakohama02

 Sunday was cave spelunking and temple visits before the drive back.

Spelunking in the Ryugashi Cavehama03

Visiting Ryotanji Temple hama04


 Overall, it was a fun time, and the ease of being to rent a car and just drop it off suprised me.  Wife and friends are already planning day trips..


Anyways, on to the Gundam related stuff.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get started on seals/decals on my Shin Musha last week due to lack of time.  While I can come home from work and spend maybe 30 minutes or so on building a kit, when it comes to seals/decals, it’s a hassle to start and stop.  You really want a good couple of hours to sit there and work at it.  When it comes to Gunpla, I would say that, while the end product looks great, the hassle of doing it tends to be a big hurdle.  So, at this point, Shin Musha is finished, just to need to find the time to actually do the seals.  On the other hand, since it’s easy to do 30 minutes of constructing before bed, I’ve started on the HD version of Zeta Gundam.  While Zeta Gundam is my favorite gundam, I am a little displeased with the shoulders, and will blog on that when I get a little further. 


 I did pick up the HD version of the Hyaku-shiki as well on Friday while I was in Akiba, figured I might as well finish up my AEUG Set (Although technically I would need to pick up a Rick Dias too then I guess).  With a month till the Astray drops, hopefully I can cut through the backlog, but we’ll see how this goes.   It seems that things are slowing down as people prepare for the March Bandai goods rush…  I was rather hoping to see the test model of the GFFMC Zeta Plus at Akiba but it was already gone.  I’m still debating on it, but budget is budget….  Anyways, this week should see a slew of new news as most Hobby mags drop on around the 25th.  I will also be putting up a quick shopping feature of specifically Yodobashi Akiba, as I can’t seem to get over to Akiba except on a weekday night lately so I don’t have much time to walk around the Electric Town.

One good thing is you may have noticed the links slowly but surely increasing.  In a way, I didn’t realize how many fellow Gundam bloggers there are out there, in various countries.  Even more suprising is to find fellow foreigners in Japan as well Gunblogging (I just made that word up!)   Anyways, a shorter note this week, but will get back up to speed hopefully as there are no plans for cross-country trips anytime soon!

3 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 022309

  1. Question- Aside from the color is the Hyaku-Shiki the same as the old kit?

    Good luck on the Red Frame if you’re getting it, I can’t wait until it drops.

  2. @lupes

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the old kit, but seeing as how the Zeta HD version and Gundam Mk-II are the same as the version 2.0’s of their respective kits, I would assume it’s the same. No ballute system though.

    I do have the Red Frame pre-ordered, so expect to see it built real time here.

    On a side note, I checked out your blog, really nice pictures, hope you don’t mind me adding a link?

  3. It’s all good, I’m always up for spreading the word. It’s easier to improve on things when you can get feedback from multiple places, you know? I returned the favor and linked you on my blog as well. 🙂

    I suspect you’ll be able to get your hands on the Red Frame well before I do, lucky you! The pictures of the clear parts make it look like I’ll be able to stand using them since I’m a huge sucker for special or limited editions of anything. I do wish they had made the sheaths for the swords out of the same plastic though, everything being clear with those being solid kind of kills it.

    Thanks for the compliments on the pictures! Ever since my Wing Ver. Ka I’ve tried to remember to take in-progress pictures so people can see the whole thing come together.

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