PG Astray! Part 2

Quite lucky today when I stopped by Yodobashi today.  It turns out they had test models of the Astray on display, including the first run bonus parts!  The clear parts were better looking than I thought they would be.

Without further ado, the pics!

3 thoughts on “PG Astray! Part 2

  1. *sheds a tear* That Red Frame is just… magnificent. liking that army of 00 at the bottom too o_o. Oh how I wish I can see this sort of stuff in person in the US (or at least where I live). Anyway, thanks for me adding me to your blogroll. I’ll do the same for you as well ^^. I’ll drop by regularly since I do like insights of the “gaijin” life in Japan (I could potentially be one in the future ^^;).

  2. Very nice photos of PG Astray Red Frame you took. Thanks for sharing. ^^

    Those plated parts on the katana are really shiny!^^

    I’m not a big fan of clear parts, but those are for the special gift set, so they are quite exclusive. They reveals the mecha details below the armor as well, and it seems like the shoulder has no details at all. ^^;

    Maybe Bandai would remedy on that before the final release.

  3. @Z

    Well, hopefully you’ll be one of my fellow gaijin over here in the future, so I’m sure you’ll have the chance to see all this in person. After seeing the PG Astray in person, I must say I’m looking very forward to building it now.


    It seems while bonus parts were part of the special set that you had to pre-order, it looks like it’s been changed to being a first run bonus, so you should be able to walk into a store and get them (until stock runs out that is!) As for the shoulders, as this is the test models that they’re sending out to stores, it’s most likely that this is the final version…

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