The State of the Gunpla Union – 020809

Time again for the weekly dump.  This week was a fairly busy week at work, so I’ve not really been able to keep up with things as much as I’d like.  The downside to being a salaryman in Japan is the hours.  While I work from 9 to 6, I’m usually doing 2 hours or more of overtime, and with the 50 minute commute… well, the weekdays consist of work, eat, sleep.  Rinse and repeat.

Anyways, catching up with things.  On the Gundam end, the Metal Composite FixFig Zeta Plus has been apparently delayed until March.  First off, thanks to Balamon for the comments as well as my new reading material this week.  I’ve been reading Z’s site, A “home look”  on Gunpla and GFF, and the Fix Figs that he reviewed definitely look nice.  The only thing about it is that I’m just not sure about the pricing.  I’ve seen them on sale normally, but overall, I still get the impression that they are simply 1/144 kits done in advance for you, for 3 times the price of doing it yourself.  While I know they’re not actual models you make, the price to size ratio has always been something that stands out.

Anyways, the move to March forestalls my “maybe” purchase of the FixFig, but starts a new problem, with March also having the release of the new PG Strike Astray.  Again, I’ve not really followed SeeD’s side stories so I’m not familiar at all with the gundams, but the idea of a building a “new” PG is striking.  That, and I guess I wouldn’t want to miss out on the first run bonus swag.  So, if you look at both the PG Strike Astray and Zeta Plus being 18,900 yen each, even after 30% off at Bic or Yodobashi, the price is still going to be around 13,500 yen a piece, adding up to a whopping 27,000 yen.  Don’t think the wife would like that!   The odds of my Gunpla source offering up the new PG off the bat are slim as well.  Speaking of which, I picked up the Sinaju from said source today for 3500 yen, and will be getting in a couple of days.  Just in time to go with the custom action base.  Again, more reasons to sit down and actually read Unicorn Gundam! 

While on the topic of action bases, I put the Unicorn action base together last night.  I’ve actually had my Unicorn Gundam taken apart because I was going through the tedious task of putting the seals on, and then we moved and it was just sitting in its box.  Anyways, the action base is your regular action base, just a mix of white base with black extension, you could make it yourself if you really wanted to from a white and black action base.  The kicker is the seals that come with it.  What’s impressive about these seals is that they are cut very very close to the image.  Usually you’ll have a square with space around the image that forces you to cut it even closer, but nothing like that with the Unicorn seals.  Really makes you wonder why they can’t do this to begin with!  Anyways, check out the finished result below.


Of course, you can see that I’ve not really proceeded with the seals, but that’s for another day.  As you notice as well, I’m working on my Musha Gundam as well right now, and will start trying to catch up.  I will say that is much easier and enjoyable to build then the FAZZ!

In non-Gundam news, I saw Benjamin Button today, as it (finally) started playing in Japan.  Overall… not a bad movie, but a tad long.  I see it trying to be the Forrest Gump of the 2000’s however.  It was very interesting to see Brad Pitt go from old to young.  And as the Japanese love Brad Pitt, it’s bound to do well here.   The next movie to look forward to is Watchmen by the looks of it.  Amazingly enough, there isn’t too much of a lag between America and Japan for it. 

Despite Wednesday being a national holiday (National Foundation Day) work looks to be a another busy week.  Hoping to get out to Akiba again this month but will have to see how it goes. 

Time to get back to painting gold!

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