Gunpla Construction: FAZZ part 3 (Final)

Thought I’d knock this out before moving on to todays State of the Gunpla Union.  I’ve got a backlog of Gunpla, but I don’t want to have a backlog on the blog as well!

I’ll be just lumping all the pictures in a gallery below this time because I want to put the FAZZ behind me.  Continuing from the last session, I finished out the torso and arms, finally attaching it to the waist and legs.  I found with the back pack, and the core fighter in the middle, that it was rather a pain in the ass to get connected.  A lot of the pvc caps? that are supposed to move to adjust with the back pack were just not moving, and some rather tight fits as well.  Throw on the arm gun, and attach the hyper mega lets blow the hell out of everything gun and you’re done.  As you see from the pictures, the FAZZ ends up being a fairly large kit, both in height and width, so to say.  Unfortunately, with the bulkiness of it’s armor, it is a hassle to really try and do any poses.  I haven’t done any panel lining, and at this point, I’m probably not going to. 

Overall, I found the FAZZ to be a dissapointing kit, I’ve always been a fan of big bad-asses who can take and dish the damage, but the FAZZ left a lot to be desired.  The fact that despite the fact you can’t do the the ZZ transformation, you still have to build all the parts the same way.  Also, being a fairly older kit (2000, or 2001?)  It is obvious how far engineering has come in the modeling field.  There are several pieces that don’t fit well or are too tight.  As I stated before, there are an amazing amount of extra parts left over as well.  For the time being, I’ve stuck them all in a zip lock back.  I figure by the time I finish up my back log, I’ll have so many extra parts I can build an entirely new mobile suit.  

If you are a fan of the Gundam Setinal era, then you may want to look at the FAZZ, but otherwise, you may be better off sticking with the Full Armor ZZ (maybe). 

Comments and questions are always welcome. 

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