The State of the Gunpla Union – 020209

A headache knocked me out last night, so this is running a day late.


Looking back over the last week, I saw some interest in my shopping posts, so I’m going to try and update those as I go along.  The end/beginning of the month tends to be the busiest at work, so updates may be a little slow during the week.


Thanks to the articles though, I found some new webpages to continue to check out, as you’ve seen on the link side.  In particular, Ravhin at the Iron Keep had some good questions regarding shopping and checking out his site I found a link to another shopping guide here.  While quite an in depth guide, I notice that the author tends to leave out the most important detail, cost!  Of course this guide is aimed at fans of AFV and military models, and not Gundam and mecha kits in general, but still some good stores, that I may pick up in my guide (with the costs as well).    I also added a link to Balamon, a very good source of Win, in my opinion.  Loved the Jawa/Tonberry costume!


In Gunpla news, the G Fighter came out last week, and response has been kind of eh so far it seems.  I will admit the engineering on it is very impressive, but personally, as much as I like Gundam, I don’t care for the original Gundam design.  I find the original Gundam/G Fighter designs to still be “super robot” style, and a bit more unrealistic compared to later designs in Zeta and so on.  Thusly, the odds of me building any form of the RX-78-2 are pretty much close to nil.  (I did build the RX-78-5 though).


In other news, Bandai has announced that they will release a MG Unicorn Extra Finish kit, to the price of 8,000 yen (in Japanese they call it rape your wallet).  I have to admit, this is a pretty poor move on Bandai’s part.  I understand the desire to cash in on the UC Gundam kick, but they could have done some of the other designs, or even the Banshee first.   This, along with the Shin Musha Glorious Set, is just a kick in the nuts.  I can understand flooding the HG market with a billion variants of the 00 Gundam series, but when you’re only releasing an average of 1 MG kit a month…

Anyways, I’m mainly a MG/PG fan, and generally don’t look at HG kits, or the toy lines of HGUC, Fix Figuration, Robot Damashi, and so on. I mean, if you’re going to pay 30 bucks for something why get a tiny toy when you can at least enjoy putting it together? However,  the Zeta Plus coming out this month has caught my eye.  It looks like it’s a pretty huge figure at that, according to the pictures that Moeyo has up currently.  (Picture below borrowed from Moeyo).  The figure is a whopping 18,900 yen, which is well more than I would be will to put out for.  But looking at the pre-order links, it’s running about 20~25% off at around 14,000 yen….  I will admit that I like the blue model as well.  This could be my first purchase of a non-Gunpla model of a Gundam… 



Any thoughts on this FixFig?  Any other fans of the line or thoughts on the quality of the toys are always appreciated.


In non Gundam news… well no news is good news I guess for the time being.   Japan continues to be cold, trains continue to be packed, and there’s not much else to it.  Anyways, that’s all for these week’s State of the Gunpla Union!

One thought on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 020209

  1. I spotted a few similarities between the Zeta Plus and Deep Striker fix figs, so check out a few online reviews of the latter. I also understand that the Zeta Plus has improved materials and internal design, I just forgot where I read it ^^ Try, the guy has a lot of GFF reviews.

    I love GFFs, but I have only one GFF review on my site. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing my GFF Metal Composite Psycho, which is a bit more similar to the Zeta Plus because both are Metal Composites. Hope this helps. 😀

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