Gunpla Construction: FAZZ part 2

 Ok, today’s update is going to be a hefty one.  Again, I’m pretty new to the blog as you construct bit, so if there are any requests for certain things to be shown (parts used, etc.) I’ll use it for feedback during future Gunpla contruction, so without further ado.

First off, I finished off the legs with the outer armor.  The good thing about all this armor means you don’t really have to worry about the main frame under it, in regards to panel lining and trimming of gate sprues.  Below you can see the initial pieces needed for the outer armor followed by a armored and non-armored leg comparison and the final two armored legs.






While the side leg armor fit well, if you try to pop up the front flaps, as if you were going to lean forward with the leg, the front white flap tends to pop out of the grooves it has with the side armor.  This pretty much limits the amount of movement you can do with the legs. 

With the legs done, I went ahead and made the waist, and for the hell of it attached the back.  Which of course made it top heavy.



Next, with the core fighter attached.  One of the good things about the FAZZ is it has enough parts to build a seperate fighter, as seen before.  Unfortunately it also has many parts that are wasted.  



 However, upon attaching the core fighter to the waist, I notice that the balance improves and the FAZZ is able to at least stand on it’s own.  Unfortunately, the legs are so bulky now with the armor that it’s pretty much do any other pose than just “standing”.


 That’s all for today’s construction, and will most likely finish up the FAZZ constuction series in the 3rd installment tomorrow or Friday.

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